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Benefits of Mass Messaging- By Ramp to SMSs

Now a days mobile has become a part of everyone's livelihood. Business Class people spend lacks of money on Banner Ads./ Newspaper Ads./ Television Ads. etc. for a single view but Mobile Messaging is the only way to reach at everybody's eyes with full view. ROCK TO SMS provide the best way to reach eyes of the viewer through Bulk SMS Services.

What can Ramp Marketing do for you?

Ramp Marketing Solution’s can provide you complete end to end solutions for Bulk SMS Marketing.

  • Conceptualize the Campaign for you.
  • Provide the Database as per your requirement.
  • Scrub the Database against the Do Not Call Registry
  • Broadcast your message to your Target Audience.
  • Delivery Confirmation Reports

Your only responsibilities are to provide us with text of the message & your Communication details.

What are the Benefits of Bulk SMS Marketing?

  • Save Time as it is Quick To Create, Conceptualize & Start the Campaign
  • Select your target group up to specific Age, Gender, City, Group or Pin codes
  • Increase Your Sales & Generate Repeat Sales
  • Drive Web Users to Make Offline Purchases
  • Cheaper, Faster & Instant Results
  • Direct Reach to Audience
  • Highly Personalized
  • ROI: Stronger than other media Cross-media: Mix with Radio, TV, Print

Who can Benefit?

Airlines, Astrologers, Banks, Blood Banks, Cinema Publicity Department, Clubs, College, Content Providers, Corporate, Couriers, Customer Relations Dept., Department Stores, Distributors/Dealers Network, Educational Institution, Event management, Government Agencies, Hospitals, Marketing Dept. Newspapers / Magazines, Political Parties, Radio Stations, Railways, Retailers, Schools, Shops, Stock Brokers, Supermarket, Travel Agencies, TV Channels, Weather Dept.

Premium SMS Providers

If you are planning to buy Bulk SMS in Hyderabad Group SMS Volume, then choose our premium SMS India Packages. We have several packages to meet the varying demands of different customers. We provide you with Special Bulk SMS software through Excel to send SMS too any mobile in India. Bulk SMS benefits are manifold and they get you more traffic towards your shop or office. It is an easiest way of alerting your target audience about your business and increasing the sales of the company. Choose our Group SMS Service and enjoy more revenues every week and annually.